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Mrs. Kelley's 3rd Grade Class Newsletter

April 2015 STAAR Week

Hello Families,

Math STAAR is Tuesday and Reading STAAR is Wednesday. Kids have been working hard to prepare so now they can show what they know! The most important thing you can do is encourage them and tell them how proud you are of them and remind them to use the strategies we have practiced at school. Please make sure kiddos have a good night's sleep and a nutritious breakfast. I think they are ready! I am proud of these Mighty Third Graders!!

Third, fourth, and fifth graders test on Tuesday and Wednesday. Fifth grade will also test on Monday. Please remember there are no volunteers or lunch guests on testing days. Thank you!

Please click the link for information about the STAAR test.

We are in desperate need of tissues!! Allergy season has really depleted our supply of Kleenex so if you happen to run by the store this week we would appreciate any donations! Thanks to those that have already sent in a donation!

Important Dates:

4/21 Math STAAR Test (No lunch visitors or volunteers at school)

4/22 Reading STAAR Test (No lunch visitors or volunteers at school)

4/28 Homestead Volunteer Breakfast

5/1 Zoo Field Trip

5/8 Field Day

5/22 Bad Weather Make-up Day

5/25 Memorial Day (No School)

6/5 Bad Weather Make-up Day (Early Release 12:30)

Here is a rundown of our lessons for the week of April 20th:

Math: Math STAAR, Graphing Project

Spelling: No Spelling this week

Science: Structures and Functions of Plants/Animals

Writer's Workshop: Poetry

Reader's Workshop: Reading STAAR, Poetry

Social Studies: Map Skills


Mon: P.E.

Tue: Art

Wed: Science

Thur: Music

Fri: P.E.

Homework April 20th - April 24th:

Kelley’s Kids Homework

Week of April 20th:

No assigned homework this week!! Just remember to keep up with your 9 for 9 challenges!

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