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April 20, 2020

Week 3 of 4K Virtual Learning

Last week we learned that Governor Evers extended the Safer at Home order until May 26th and closed all Public and Private schools- order of closure through the end of the school year. We in the Stoughton Area School District, are committed to continue our work to provide virtual activities for you to do with your child throughout the upcoming weeks.

This week we ask you to focus on YOU. Yes, YOU! We appreciate all you are doing at this time to keep your family safe and educated during this pandemic. As always teachers are eager to continue connecting with students. Please continue to talk to your child's teacher and let us know how we can best support you.

With gratitude- Erin and Sara Jane

Sesame Street: A Moment to Yourself | Parent PSA
Sesame Street

Click on the link for Sesame Street Preschool activities.

Taking Care of Yourself

Information from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention:

Taking care of yourself, your friends, and your family can help you cope with stress. Helping others cope with their stress can also make your community stronger.

Ways to cope with stress

Watch for Behavior Changes in our Child

Information from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Excessive crying or irritation in younger children
  • Returning to behaviors they have outgrown (for example, toileting accidents or bed-wetting)
  • Excessive worry or sadness
  • Unhealthy eating or sleeping habits
  • Irritability and “acting out” behaviors
  • Poor performance or avoiding at home school
  • Difficulty with attention and concentration
  • Avoidance of activities enjoyed in the past
  • Unexplained headaches or body pain

Ways to Support your Child

Information from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Talk with your child about the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Answer questions and share facts about COVID-19 in a way that your child can understand.
  • Reassure your child that they are safe. Let them know it is ok if they feel upset. Share with them how you deal with your own stress so that they can learn how to cope from you.
  • Limit your family’s exposure to news coverage of the event, including social media. Children may misinterpret what they hear and can be frightened about something they do not understand.
  • Try to keep up with regular routines. Create a schedule for learning activities and relaxing or fun activities.
  • Be a role model. Take breaks, get plenty of sleep, exercise, and eat well. Connect with your friends and family members.
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4K Virtual Learning Sites

Click on the link and then click on your 4K community site for this week's schedule.

Virtual Learning Feedback

We have received amazing feedback from many of you about how virtual learning is going. Please continue to send me pictures and comments at sarajane.lee@stoughton.k12.wi.us or send them to your child's teacher! Please take time to give us feedback: 4K Virtual Learning Survey
SASD COVID-19 Updates

Click on the link for the latest School District updates.

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SASD Summer Excel

Along with all of you and our SASD community, we are very hopeful that we can move forward with Summer Excel programming. Now more than ever, our students will be eager for the opportunities for connection, curiosity, and joy that Summer Excel offers. Thank you for your patience as we wait for any information that may help us make our decision. If we can safely offer Summer Excel, we will.

Right now, we are scheduled to begin registration on April 27th, which is two weeks after our original registration date of April 13. If we receive any information that impacts this decision, or Summer Excel programming in any way, we will let all staff and families know as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience,

The SASD Admin Team


Erin Conrad, 4K Principal/Kegonsa Principal


Kate Ahlgren, Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Sara Jane Lee, 4K Inclusion Support Teacher


Mindy Holverson, 4K Educational Assistant


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