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Avoca School District 37

In this issue...

  • Wow, it's great to be back - pics
  • Successes & Lessons Learned
  • Don't Forget - Lunch Sign Up
  • COVID Data in Our Community
  • Looking Ahead - Keeping Our Community Safe
  • Racial Justice in Our Community
  • Shake It Off with Our Orchestra Students (a super feel good video)

Wow, it's great to be back ... pics from our first days onsite

Successes & Lessons Learned

  • Thoughtfulness & Hard Work of Staff = Prepared to Succeed
  • Safety Procedures - Entry/Exit, Hygiene, Distancing
  • Hybrid - Remote Learning Hub

Lessons Learned

  • Need to communicate complexity clearly
  • Always need to monitor our health & self care
  • More to come...

Don't Forget - Lunch Sign Up

Don't forget - if your child is on the Hybrid Schedule and they need lunch, Quest is ready to deliver. Sign up a week ahead of time by clicking here.

COVID Data in Our Community

While some COVID related data in Illinois does not look promising right now, it is important to know that in the New Trier community, our COVID rates are in safe ranges for operating our hybrid schedule. For example:

  • COVID positivity rate in Suburban Cook County/ 7 days = 6.9% (rolling avg.)
  • COVID positivity rate in New Trier zip codes/ 7 days = 3.1% (rolling avg.)
  • COVID weekly incidences/100K in Suburban Cook County/7 days = 112
  • COVID weekly incidences/100K in New Trier zip codes/7 days = 50.8

While we can and should want to see our local metrics go lower, we should understand that our township data and what is seen in the news are not the same. According to guidance issued by the Northern Illinois Consortium of County Health Departments, our local data indicates that our Hybrid Schedule is a safe model for operating schools.

Looking Ahead - Keeping Our Community Safe

However, we cannot become complacent about COVID in our community. With Labor Day weekend coming up, being vigilant and engaging in safe practices are more important than ever. Remember that when in public or when mixing with people outside your immediate household to

  • Wear a proper face covering
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Avoid COVID hotspots

Cook County has identified COVID hotspots that indicate if a person should quarantine upon return from such a destination. You may find the list by clicking here. If your family is traveling to one of these locations, you should notify your school's nurse and quarantine for 14 days upon return. If this is necessary, students are provided all of the appropriate educational support, just like they would if they were absent with an illness. The District cannot police this behavior and relies on families to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with what keeps us all safe and our schools operating.

More pics from our first days...

Racial Justice in Our Community

The recent shooting of Jacob Blake and the subsequent protests and conflict in Kenosha remind us yet again that we must always be taking action to prevent racial injustice. And closer to home, the recent incident at Tower Beach lets us know that we have work to do to create a racially just community right here (see the CBS News piece here). There are two events this weekend where you can help create such a community.

First, HEROS (Healing Everyday Racism in Our Schools) will be hosting a movie/book discussion on "The Hate You Give" by Angie Thomas. The registration link is here:

Next, two parents, Natalie Anthony and Alejandra Garcia will be hosting an bike ride with Otis Campbell, the gentleman racially targeted at Tower Beach. Here are the details:

  • September 5 at 1 pm - Meet at Erikson Woods (bring your bike!)
  • Ride to Tower Road Pier with Mr. Campbell in a show of solidarity

Shake It Off - Avoca Orchestra Students Welcome Us Back

MM Orch Shake it Off