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Advancing Good by Engaging a Divided Nation

We live in an increasingly complex and divided nation and world. If you've watched the news or scrolled through your news feed the past few weeks, or even the past year, images and passionate opinions on race, foreign policies, presidential candidacies, riots and protests flood the screens. Questions that arise in these moments as a faith leader might be, "how do Christians respond? how can Christians bring hope and leadership to their communities in such a critical moment for America?" The ACTS Group would like to invite you to join this timely discussion at our next Q Commons Sacramento on October 13th from 7pm-9pm at Beatnik studios. The theme of the night is "Engaging Our Divided Nation" and topics include Leadership, Civil Public Discourse and Answers to Race. You can read about national speakers and register for Q Commons Sacramento here.

I hope to see you there for this incredible night of important discussion and activation!

Serving with you,

Megan McCleary

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Serve United Activation Night

Join us for our third Serve United Activation Night on October 20th at New Life Community Church. This quarterly event is designed for leaders of churches and organizations to celebrate, elevate and accelerate united service in the greater Sacramento Region. We will be sharing an update on the Every School/Every Neighbor Initiative and hearing from experts on the cause issues of Family and Wellness. This event is a great place to learn about how you can serve a local school in many unique and effective ways and build friendships with people who share your same passions. RSVP HERE to join us on this special night of learning, conversation and activation! You can also share this link to invite others!
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Stories of Service: Break Free Runs

Just last Saturday, about 2,500 people gathered at Lakeside Church in Folsom to race against human trafficking in the annual Break Free Run Break Free Run is an event of 3 Strands Global and it's mission is to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking and to raise funds to fuel the efforts of anti-trafficking programs to further the organization's vision of a world free from human trafficking. Break Free Runs have been happening ongoing for 6 years and are just one of the many efforts of 3 Strands Global which also includes educating students in classrooms across California in preventing human trafficking and providing employment opportunities for survivors both locally and abroad. If you missed this incredible event, there is still time for you to participate in the Break Free Run in San Diego on October 8th and Oakland on November 5th. Find more details HERE!
3Strands Global Break Free Runs 2016
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