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March 2022 Edition

March Madness

March Madness is upon us and in Iowa, we are excited about the success our Hawkeyes and Cyclones are having!! The Iowa Hawkeye women's team is BIG 10 co-champions for the first time since 2008 and the Iowa State Cyclone women's team is ranked #8 in the nation! Also, both women's teams have a player ranked in the top 5 of the nation in scoring!! The Iowa men's team is ranked #25 and there is a possibility both the Hawkeyes and the Cyclones could play each other in the men's tournament. While many of us celebrate the college basketball fun in education, March Madness means something else. March begins crazy spring schedules, the anticipation of standardized testing, and keeping students focused on learning through the end of the year. As March brings springtime air, it tempts our student's minds to wander to outside thoughts rather than school or homework. However, this is the most crucial time for our students to show what they have learned all year. They have worked so hard and now is the time to buckle down, master those standards, and continue to grow in their learning.

Here are a few things parents can do to help keep their students focused...

1) Set goals. Don't let the spring assessments sneak up, rather help your students set a goal and create a plan of what they would like to accomplish and how between now and the end of the year.

2) Create a "study zone". Make a place that’s conducive to productive study and concentration. The area should be comfortable, quiet, void of distractions, and stocked with necessary supplies. Encourage your kids to put away cell phones and turn off their computer chatting programs. Designate a time period for homework, and try to have kids work at the same time each day. With these parameters in place, they’ll be in the frame of mind to get down to business.

3) Create a calendar. Hang up a wall calendar and have your kids circle important dates and deadlines. Also write in any scheduled activities, including social events, family trips and upcoming obligations. Sometimes what kids perceive as a lot of time is actually shorter than they think. As your kids reach their goals, encourage them to cross off the days. This way they’ll have visual evidence of their accomplishments and their remaining responsibilities.

4) Develop down time. Kids need a break. Help them learn how to let go of stress by doing things they enjoy. Let them decompress by playing with friends, watching a movie, or exercising. They’ll come back from their break refreshed and ready to work.

5) Celebrate Accomplishments. Remind your kids about the goals they have succeeded in reaching, and create a list of the milestones that you are proud of them for. Reflect with them on how far they’ve come. Remember when they started the year and there was a subject area they were worried about or a particular math problem they couldn’t figure out? Take some time to note the changes they’ve made, the hurdles they’ve overcome, and how much they’ve learned.

Implementing these strategies will help your student end the year on a successful note. Then, just like the Hawkeyes and Cyclones, they will know they have practiced hard, learned along the way, and finished their year giving their best.


As the weather gets warmer, our students will want to spend more time outside. Please remember our dismissal procedures to keep our kids safe during dismissal each day.

Parents walking up to get their children should be at the Concert Street gate where your child will be checked out by a staff member after our buses pull away. Car line parents will line up along the Blondeau and 9th Street corner where staff will announce your arrival then you will proceed to the 9th street gate to pick up your student. Those in the carline, please be aware of parked cars and do not block them in, especially on and around 7th and 8th streets along Blondeau. Cars should stay clear of the main entrance area as that is where our handicapped buses and parents are picking up students after school. Thank you so much for your help!

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March PTO Virtual meeting link

TUESDAY, March 1 @ 5:15 p.m. online and in the music room.


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From Mr. Coovert...

In the month of March students will continue to learn how to control strong emotions when they arise. We will be focusing specifically on how to manage frustration, resisting revenge when someone upsets us, and avoiding assumptions before getting all of the facts.

In all of these lessons we focus on three steps to controlling emotions: Stop, Name your feeling, Calm down. I hope these steps help students to control strong emotions in the moment and allow them to make a thoughtful decision on how to solve any issue that comes their way. We have talked multiple times on keeping our upstairs brain (thinking brain) in charge at all times so we can react to all types of situations in a positive and in control way.

As always, if you have any questions or need to reach out for any reason do not hesitate. I am happy to help in any way that I can.

Thank you,

Mr. Coovert

GW School Counselor



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March 1......PTO Meeting at 5:15 p.m. the Music Room or virtual

March 1-3...Scholastic Book Fair (proceeds benefit books for our library)

March 2......Read Across America Day

March 3......Early Release at 11:15 & Parent/Teacher Conferences 1:30-9:30

March 4......NO SCHOOL

March 10....PBIS Assemblies - Winners will be posted on our FB page

March 13....Daylight Savings Time Begins (move clocks ahead)

March 17....St. Patrick's Day

March 18....Spring Pictures

March 21....Dollar Book Store


March 25....Rainbow Day!! EARLY OUT AT 12:15

March 28-April 1...NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

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Anonymous Incident Reporting

Our student's safety and having a safe school environment is our number one priority. Part of the Iowa Governor's School Safety Bureau is to give students, parents, and teachers the opportunity to anonymously report a concerning behavior. So many times, students frequently fail to report concerns because they are afraid of being bullied, outcast, or accused of betraying someone's trust. However, in more than 80% of school shootings at least one other person had advanced awareness of the threat.

To encourage reporting for any incident of threat, bullying, harassment, or other concerning behavior, our elementary schools have created a LEAVE NO HARM anonymous reporting form that can be accessed by using this QR code which is found on our webpage, Facebook page, and directly above. Please help keep our school and our kids safe!

George Washington Elementary

Heather S. Davis, Principal

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