Adult Day Care Centers

By: Hanna Inman

What Services Are Offered?

At the Adult Center for Enrichment in Greensboro, NC they offer.......

  1. Transportation to and from Center
  2. Special Diet if needed
  3. Monitoring medical and health needs
  4. Daily exercise and recreational activities
  5. Educational and Cultural programs
  6. Instruction/Assistance with health care needs
At the Adult Day & Respite Care Center also inn Greensboro, NC they offer....

  1. Caring for people who may be susceptible to: Confusion, Incontinence (Uncontrollable Bladder), Wandering, Depression, Falling, Catastrophic Reaction, Disorientation, Malnutrition, UTI's (Urinary Tract Infection), Social Isolation, Neglect, and Hypo/Hypoglycemic Reactions
  2. Medical Conditions: Alzheimer's Disease, Seizures, Emphysema, Stroke, Asthma, TIA's(Transient Ischemic Attack), CHF(Congestive Heart Failure), Visual Impairments, COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Osteoporosis, Parkinson Disease, Lack of Mental Development, Hypertension, Advanced Arthritis, and Developing Diseases.
At Edwards Adult Day Care Center in Martinsville, NC they offer.......

  1. Individual Care Plans
  2. Assistance with Bathing, Shampoo, Cut, Shaving, and Toileting.
  3. Nursing Care: Assessments, Health Monitoring, and Medication Management
  4. Hot Healthy Lunch and two snacks daily
  5. Therapeutic Services: Physical, Cognitive, Sensory, Social, and Spiritual
  6. Compassionate Companionship
  7. Safe Environment
  8. Transportation

What type of Workers?

At Adult Center of Enrichment they have the following:

  • Executive Assistant
  • Assistant Executive Director
  • Executive Director
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Family Support Specialist
  • Assistant Program Director
  • Director of Caregiver Information
  • Respite Director
  • Financial/Administrative Assistant
  • Program Director
  • Health Coordinator
  • Director of Business and Development
At Adult Day & Respite Care Center they have the following:

  • Homemaker/Respite Provider
  • Rehabilitation Technician
  • Instructor
  • Personal Care Aid
  • Assistant Program Director
  • Certified Nurse Aid
  • Executive Director
At Edwards Adult Day Care Center the have the following:

Please contact the office for known positions

The Centers

Where is the Money Coming From?

At the Adult Center of Enrichment they get their money from:

  • You pay unless you qualify for certain things to be paid
  • Long Term Insurance will most likely pick up the bill
  • Donations are also accepted
At the Adult Day & Respite Care Center they get their money from:

Please contact office to know where finances come from.

At Edwards Adult Day Care Center

  • Medicaid and VA covered IF you visit at LEAST once per month
  • First Day Free to see if it is right for you
  • You pay for additional services