can sound beat the heat?

The CONTESTANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heat and sound are both essential for us to live our daily lives.BUT... Which energy is more useful!? Sound energy is needed for us to be able to communicate with each other. But heat energy is a major part of plant reproduction, and we NEED plants to survive. What is more important:communication, or oxygen?To find out more, go to www.energy.gov

Sound energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sound energy is used everyday, in normal conversations, and in nail biting competitions!Just imagine life without the art of sound energy!This competitor has millions of barriors that can only be breached by being ran through at the speed of light!


This contestant really brings the heat to the competitors! This competitor is literally in everything!!!! It is in ice, the sun, you, me, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Find out more on energy.gov!!!

The battle!!!!!!

Lets compare the contestants to see who will win!
Heat:always been organized, needed to survive, always the same for everything...

Sound energy: humans organized it, not needed to survive, different for different for different for different animals.

The winner is.....