SGP Counseling Services Newsletter

December 2022-2nd Quarter

Mission Statement

We deliver an all-inclusive counseling program that offers every student the opportunity to attain optimal results in academia, supports their social and emotional development, and shepherds them on a path towards college and career exploration.

Vision Statement

To equip students with the tools necessary to navigate an ever-changing global society by fostering their desire to pursue lifelong academic, cultural, social-emotional, and technological awareness that extends far beyond the high school experience.

The Role of the School Counselor

The South Grand Prairie High School counselors are here to assist students in achieving success in all aspects of their lives. We encourage students to come in to ask questions, seek information, and get to know the counselors. We are here to provide individual guidance on academic, personal, extracurricular, and post-secondary options. Each counselor serves an equal portion of the high school with the division based upon the first letter of the student's last name.

The counseling offices are located on the main campus/second floor. Counseling office hours are: 7:15am-3:15pm on regular school days.

Semester 1 is coming to a close!

Students and Parents,

It is hard to believe that semester 1 will soon be over. We hope that everyone is working hard to turn in class work and will finish strong. Remember to log into Skyward or download the Skyward app for free to your phones. Also, keep in mind that
grades post to your high school transcript for colleges, employers,
and military recruiters to see. In addition, reach out to your teachers now especially if you are behind so you can get caught up and get that credit for the class. Earning credits = graduating on time!

Grade Level Chats

Counselors are busy meeting with students for grade level chats. Transcripts, graduation requirements, and course registration for 2023-2024 is discussed with each student. Students have the opportunity to review their course selections in XELLO.
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XELLO Student Sign on

Xello is an engaging, fun-to-use software that students can access online, at school or at home. Students can even access Xello from their mobile devices. Using Xello, students plan their journeys toward the future by creating their very own unique roadmap for future success.

The program is implemented through the GPISD Counseling Services Department at every elementary and secondary campus. The mission of the Counseling Service Department is to guide students from cradle to career, making every student future-ready!

Xello Introduction Video

Grade Level Xello Lessons

Xello gives students the opportunity to complete lessons and activities that match them to career and college opportunities. The following lessons are recommended for each grade level.

Parents are also encouraged to explore Xello with their children by logging in together. Your child can log in to his or her account via desktop or mobile device to share what they’ve learned about themselves, the world of work, and their future options.


-Personality Styles

-Exploring Career Factors

-Getting Experience

-Study Skills Habits


-Work Values

-Workplace Skills & Attitudes

-Program Prospects

-Career & Lifestyle


-Choosing College

-Career Demand

-Entrepreneurial Skills

-Work/Life Balance


-Career Backup Plans

-Job Interviews

-Defining Success

-Career Path Choices

Coping with Stress and Compassion Fatigue

Students experience burnout and fatigue just like the adults around them. Some have been caring for loved ones and siblings throughout the pandemic and nd it dicult to focus in class. Others have been juggling responsibilities while experiencing anxiety or other mental illness.

You may see these burnout symptoms in your students:
Compassion fatigue includes burnout. Burnout is physical and mental exhaustion leading to reduced ability for students to cope with their environment. Burnout involves fatigue, frustration, a sense of helplessness, and reduced pleasure in school and assignments.

This is what you can do. Encourage your students to:

  • Sleep at least 8 hours minimum.
  • Exercise or do physical activity at least 3 times a week.
  • Stay connected with friends and family.
  • Disconnect from social media at least an hour a day.


Parents of Students of the Class of 2023:

An important part of students completing FAFSA are parents completing their tax returns. Parents, please be sure to have your 2021 Tax Returns available by October 1 of your students’ Senior year.

Texas Education Agency (TEA) FAFSA Graduation Requirement:

House Bill 3 (HB 3) Implementation: FAFSA Application
Beginning with students enrolled in 12th grade during the 2021-2022 school year, each student must do one of the following in order to graduate:

  • Complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Complete and submit a Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA)
  • Submit a signed opt-out form

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) will make a variety of resources available to support school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in implementing the new requirement.


One way to find national scholarships is through scholarship search engines. Just be careful about the difference between scholarship sweepstakes (random drawing) and scholarships that you earn. Never give out any credit card information or any information that you are not comfortable giving out.

Fastweb Scholarship Search Engine:

Going Merry:

Scholarships 360:

Big Future College Board:

College News

If your senior applied to colleges this fall, make sure they are following through by setting up their portal accounts with each college they applied to. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they are meeting deadlines and communicating with colleges when information is requested.