January 6-January 10

2B's News of the Week

~Holiday Party~

I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to the parents who came to the party and helped provide our students with a great party! I really do appreciate all of your effort and work! I would also like to thank our room moms (Su and Jen) for putting together our holiday party for our kiddos!

The kids had a BLAST!


Math: In math, we will be working on subtraction again. Practice, practice, practice!

Science: This week, we will be looking at rolling wheels and cups. How can a wheel and axle system be changed? Can we predict the behavior of a rolling cup? What happens if weight is added to a rolling cup system?

Language Arts: With the new year starting, we will be writing about our New Year's Resolutions, spelling compound words, compare/contrast and verbs for past, present and future.

Social Studies: We will begin looking at maps and globes and determine where we live on a map.

Spring Lunchroom Volunteers Needed

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of the parent volunteers that have been helping in our cafeteria! We are now beginning our plea for volunteers to help with the spring semester! If you can find time in your busy schedule, please consider signing up. Here is the link: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0C4AA9AD2BA1FA7-spring

Important Dates

*January 14-PTO Meeting 6:30

*January 20-No School!