June 8th Newsletter

June 8 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. This one of course was planned!

Thank you all for your understanding last week with the weather event. It has highlighted a lot of questions and areas of development for the Ministry of Education, schools, ADC and civil defence. Key in our decision making has been the safety of students and staff - this factor will not be compromised.

It is a short week but we will end with a Full School Assembly so we can farewell Mrs McNeur as she shifts into her business ventures on the farm with her family. Mrs Doody has taken over this position and will work closely with Mrs Hall to provide the best teaching and learning for O Tu Roto.

As winter creeps upon us some illnesses start to hit. We can just give you the advice that if your children have a fever, sickness or a generally unwell then the best place is at home. This keeps everyone safe and we appreciate your cooperation.

The school has had a focus on “Whenua” for term 2 and in particular the use of land in Rakaia. This is all part of our studies to understand what Rakaia offers us and our place in NZ. This is tied in with the celebrations planned for next year


The committee will meet again at 7pm on June 15th at the Rakaia School. Things are developing well and registrations and signage will be out soon. Please book March 4-6, 2022 into your calendar for this celebration of education in Rakaia.

Pink Slips

The staff are awarded Pink slips to acknowledge support they have offered each other. These slips can also be presented by students and parents if a staff member has helped you. This small recognition keeps a culture of support ticking along in the school. They are available in the school office.

No Ski Trip 2021

No Ski Trip - Just a reminder that the Rakaia School BOT has decided that Skiing is not part of our curriculum. When we moved to the Government donation scheme we had to define curricula and non-curricula. We chose swimming as more important and so there will be no school ski trip this year.

If you choose to take your family skiing on a school day then your children will be marked absent. Thank you.

Bilingual Workers in Schools

Bilingual Liaison Workers

The Kahui Ako has been successful in gaining funding to appoint two workers to support our Filipino children and so we are looking for any community members who may speak Tagalog and would be interested in working with the schools and ECE in the Kahui Ako.

There are two positions for 10 hours a week each.

1. Key Tasks

Bilingual Liaison Workers in schools can:

· assist with successful adjustment to schooling and ensure closer family –

school links

· provide assistance to guidance, health, special needs and pastoral care.

· provide mentoring and career advice for refugee students

· increase the retention of students in schools

· improve school-family-student communications and relationships

Bilingual Liaison Workers can contribute to these outcomes by:

· providing social and emotional support to students

· translating important school communications

· providing cultural information to the staff

· doing home visits for routine and emergency matters

2. Person Description

The Bilingual Liaison Worker should:

· be an educated and reputable person from the community preferably with

experiences in education in countries of origin and N Z.

· have a high level of literacy in their first language and in English.

· understand the cultural and social aspects of NZ especially in education.

· have experience in working with children in social and learning areas.

· have experience in giving guidance and support to students of the same

ethnic group and/or other groups.

· be mindful of confidentiality issues when working with students.

If this is something that interests you then please contact Mark Ellis at Rakaia School. A formal application form and job description will be available very soon.