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April Action! As I have shared in the past, I always set a goal of $25,000 for our team each month, so the same was true in April! We ended up at $22008, so not too far off. I am proud of everyone who did work and have loved to see several people active again and others just really growing. Keep up the good work.

Let's Celebrate Top Party Girls and Top Sellers for March!!

We had 13 out of 29 consultants who had at least 1 party!!

2 Parties
: D'Anna Buell, Terri Bock, Samantha Borba, Kara Miller, Shannon Ciolek, Casey Bright
3 Parties: Jamie Pilliod, Jill Graham

We had 24 consultants who had sales this month! Woohoo :)
$1-$499: Amber McKinley, Margaret Obermann, Christine Limbaugh, Erin Black, Debra Lester, Grace Bedford, A'Shel Santana, Randi Wahl, Shannon Ciolek
Terri Bock, Samantha Borba, D'Anna Buell, Alison Laird, Jamie Pilliod
$1000+:Kara Miller $1176.00, Christina Blaugh $1223.00,Casey Bright $1668.00
$2000+ TOTEally Top Sellers:
Jill Graham $2757 ALL WHILE IN THE EARLY STAGES OF GROWING A LITTLE PERSON! Congrats on your pregnancy Jill!

TOP SELLER: Jill Graham AGAIN! ($2757) *WHOA!*

Director Stats This Month: $9262 & 11 Parties

You ladies BLOW ME AWAY every month <3
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APRIL DREAMBUILDING- EEEEEKKKK We had a month with NO NEW TEAM MEMBER, let's change that ladies! There are SO MANY reasons to share this opportunity with other women!

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I can't wait to Welcome more new Consultants and parts of our TOTEally Blessed Team:

I love seeing our Team/Family Grow! I am so excited you have chosen to begin YOUR journey!

*Be sure to check out the welcome email and the resources and upcoming training group. I'd love to set up a one-on-one call with myself or three-way with your sponsor! Your goals and your questions are important to us!*

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Be on the lookout for this banner!

I have begun this page for NEW CONSULTANTS and anyone interested in BACK TO BASICS training to this group where we will see what it takes to start off right! My hopes and dreams are that we will grow our teams to need a new one each month to get the new consultants connected :)

The group is up and running for small training tips and celebrations! Join here if you're interested in checking it out:

Teams in the Making!

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Kara Miller and D'Anna Buell have both made the decision they are ON THEIR WAY TO DIRECTOR! Do you know what it takes to be a director? Would you like to more! Let one of us know or ask on our Team Page and we will let you in on the secrets ;) (not really secrets because you KNOW where to find it, right!? ...........YES! TOT! :)

Okay so anyway!
Their teams are working their way to becoming their VERY OWN!
Kara Miller
D'Anna Buell

These ladies are ROCKIN' IT and are on the RIGHT PATH to leadership :)

Important Upcoming Dates

5/1 New Customer Special: Spend $35, get New Day Tote for $34 or Glamour Case for $12
5/11 and EVERY WEDNESDAY at 9 pm: Opportunity Webinar
**Let Home Office help you share all the benefits of becoming a Thirty-One Consultant

5/31 Month End, Last Day to Register at $99 for conference.

6/1 EXCLUSIVE!!! New Special: Spend $35, get Medium Utility Tote for $12 or Stand Tall Insert for $12
6/1 Billing for Website: Earn REBATE when you earn StartSwell!
6/2 Customer Email
6/2 Opportunity Webinar
6/15 AutoShip Billing
6/16 Customer Email Going Out
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Check out the giveaway information TOT, all you have to do is BE REGISTERED!

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Seriously. I am so stoked for this rewards program. I would love to help you set goals and figure out what, how and why you want to achieve this! Seriously! EEEKKK!!!
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I will be hosting a Facebook Opportunity Event next week. It is where in all one place at one time with a fun sharing of what being a consultant looks like. It makes people see there are so many reasons to join and its not as big and scary as some thing. Many of you were part of one ;).

I will be hosting it and will have a prize ;) I would love for you all to create a cold,medium, hot list of people that have: said they're interested, love the product SO MUCH, have hosted more than once, could use an extra income, would benefit from the girl time, that would just plain be a great leader! And plan to invite them, maybe even just "check in to say hi" soon so when you invite them it isn't a random contact!

I look forward to helping share this awesome opportunity with many more women <3


I challenge you to print this out and add to or start your own consultant binder! Once you do, text me a picture and say DONE! I will send you happy mail and walk through the next steps with you ;)

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Here is a link to our TEAM FILES PAGE I will continuously update!

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