Automobile Ice Racing

Fun for everyone!

Super exciting!

Automobile ice racing is a real adrenaline rush. A.I.R. is a little bit like racing on a regular track, except cranked up a little bit. You race on a track a lot like a regular racetrack, but it's covered in snow and/or ice. The cars are lot harder to control, because the traction is poor but it just adds to the fun! Who doesn't like drifting everywhere?

History of A.I.R.

Air first took-off really well in France, where the "Trophee Andros" series sponsored by an industrial jam manufacturer attracts ex F-1 drivers like Alain Prost or Olivier Panis. In the 1960s and 1970s there were two major Ice Racing Championships, the North American Ice Racing Championship and the European Ice Racing Championship. The champions of the two include Earl Bennett and Chuck Higgins, while Mexican F-1 driver Pedro Rodriguez won his class and exhibition race in 1970.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe? It can be. It all depends on the precautions the driver takes. You can't expect to ride street tires in this type of race and be rainbows and skittles. You will need the right car, skills, and experience.

How the race is won: Just like any other race. First place, second place, and finally, third place, and the race is on a different type of track.

Odds and ends: You will need a car capable of withstanding high RPM's and stress on the engine. You will get a lot of wheel-spin, making the engine stress very hard just to hit 30 MPH. You will need special tires. Certain tracks have different requirements. A lot of racers use studded tires, but some venues restrict studs or certain length studs. So most racers use the "Bridge-stone Blizzaks" Or the "Nokian Hakkapeliittas". Pictures of the three will be below.

What should you wear: A helmet, and a racing suit.

Rules: The rules are pretty simple, you have to follow the track, no purposely slamming into other racers, no violations to the specific rules of the track itself, and no sabotage of others vehicles. Accidentally bumping is accepted.

Why it should be included in the 2018 winter Olympic games

Plenty of people participate in A.I.R. . There are multiple associations and clubs that play this sport, and each are well very into the game. If you search Automobile Ice Racing on the internet, multiple associations will pop up for it. -Saiel Sari

Saiel Sari