Explanation of Integrity Traits

To have Integrity is to be honest, and if you are honest to others in a work space or on a sports team then your peers will be willing to listen to what you have to say and they will do what you say because they know you are not lieing.
How To Improve Work Performance By Just Being Honest With People

Leaders Who Show Integrity

Some people who show Integrity are Dr. Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, most parents show Integrity to there children and family

Explanation for people I chose that show Integrity

I believe Martin luther King shows integrity because he had the guts to stick up for african americans when they were being separated from all the other people. I also believe Barack Obama shows Integrity because as the president part of his job is to be honest with the people of america and I believe he has done that. Mothers also show integrity because almost every mother would not lie to their children.
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