Born To Fly

Michael Ferrari


The story is about a girl named Bird McGill. She wants to become a P-40 fighter pilot. This story takes place during Pearl Harbor. When a new kid shows up and he is Japanese everyone thought he was a spy. One night Kenji the Japanese saved Bird from drowning they became friends and they also found a real spy that is planning something deadly. They try to warn people but no one listens so they have to take matters in their own hands. So her and Kenji have to try to stop this spy by them selves.
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Main Characters

The main characters were Kenji and Bird. At first bird didn't like him until he saved her life then they found a spy and they had to save the whole town.


It takes place in Geneso in 1941.


He made me learn that some people don't have it the easy like Birds dad was in the army and Kenji's dad died.