The Party

By: Jordan Meredith

On The Inside

Another party of a lifetime at Gatsby's mansion. Tonight there was a new guests the party. Nick Carraway, Gatsby's neighbor, was formally invited unlike many other guest who just show up for a good time. At first, he seemed like he wanted to go get drunk, but then his eyes moved toward the beautiful Jordan Baker. While he was with her for the night, as friends, he was introduced to many of the rumors about Gatsby. He was a mysterious man and nobody really knew who he truly was. They discussed the rumor about him killing a man, then about him being a German spy, and even that he grew up in Germany. Nobody knows of any of that is true, but it doesn't stop them from gossiping all through the night. The one thing they know is that he just wants everyone to be happy without any trouble.

How does it make you feel?

When people get to the party they enjoy themselves. It is a beautiful, enormous, and popular party. People come to dance, gossip, and enjoy themselves. Some people allow the alcohol to take them over, but for the most part, people just have a wonderful time. There is loud music, a bar, dancing, gossiping, and tons of laughter. People are going crazy. One may say it is a good crazy, while others say they are just using money to do whatever they want. Baker said that she loves the party because large parties are more intimate than small ones because at small parties there is no privacy. So to the rich people here, they love this event.


These parties allow us to assume that American high society thinks they can do whatever they want. People go crazy. Married women go looking for new men, married men look for a new woman for the night. They think that they are above the law. From the outside you think it looks fun and like everyone is having a good time, but on the inside, they are all going crazy. Nobody is obeying the law. They use the fact that they have tons of money to do whatever they want. Money should not allow you to do whatever you want.