Life Before the Constitution

I'm a slave on a tobacco plantation in Virginia. Thankfully I'm with my family but it's terrifying thinking that if the owners are in a bad mood then they could just send one of us off to wherever they want. Life is harsh we work all day without a break. I hate the Articles of Confederation, they won't give us freedom. I hope that this new Constitution will finally let us be free. Then we'll finally be able to buy the tools and land, not just the ability to walk.
I'm a shoemaker in Manchester, New Hampshire. I had to go into dept for $50 so I could buy some materials for my shoes. I thought It'd be easy to repay since they said that they would be issuing paper money. Bu then they voted to stop making paper money and now money is hard to come by. I had to lower my prices so that people can afford to buy them. Now the person who I asked for money from is threatening me to pay right now or he'll take me to court. The new constitution seems interesting but would they be able to pay us back all the money we need. Or will it be another attempt at a failed government.
I am a farmer with a limited amount of supplies. The bank I borrowed money from is now demanding that I pay them back, I don't have the money. I have also been unable to pay my taxes which are extremely high. Everyone risked their lives to fight in the war and this is the treatment we get, I have decided to rebel along with several other farmers, we are being lead by Daniel Shays. If this new constitution does what it claims to we'll all be saved, but if it doesn't it'll be like we're under the rule of the king again.