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1. Windows 10 Personalizes Your Working Environment

Microsoft Windows 10 can be managed according to individual taste. However, the steps for personalizing include procedures which will change the default look of Windows 10. This Windows 10 step-by-step guide helps you to modify the Start screen and Start menu, set the desktop background and system colors, manage Start screen tiles, configure the taskbar, and apply and manage themes and much more. Most of the changes are performed from the Personalize section of the Settings Menu bar. The simplest way to get there is to press the Start Button in the lower left corner or you can press the Windows key on your keyboard, and then Tap the Personalize link. If you are confronting any type of issues in above-mentioned steps, then you can contact a reliable support provider that will offer you quality solutions. For Microsoft live chat contact Microsoft Windows support page and have technical support services on Windows 10 to personalize your windows working environment instantly. Read more at

2. Windows 10 Offers Accessibility Features

Windows 10 expert help offers several accessibility programs and settings that can make the computer simpler and more comfortable to use, such as Magnifier to enlarge content on the screen, the ability to adjust screen brightness or contrast, Narrator to read content to a user, and the option of speaking text rather than typing it. More information about these accessibility features is available on the Microsoft Accessibility website. Windows is used by millions of people across the world. Some of them are not able to use the features in a proper way and face challenges in using a computer. So, to overcome from this Windows 10 Offers Accessibility Features, ease your work in an efficient manner. Read more at

3. Setup and Configure User Accounts on Windows 10

Computers have become an essential part of our daily lives. Most of the people store personal and business information on them and use them to access social and financial information online. Call Windows tech team for information storage. This type of information is usually kept protected by a password, but sometimes these passwords could easily be accessible by any person who is using your PC. To protect your password or you can say the integrity of your information, it is imperative to manage your account. As all of us know that Windows 8 introduced Microsoft accounts which are fundamental accounts that allow users to synchronize settings and files from computer to computer. But, now, Windows 10 have launched user account management options. These options will help users in many ways. Read more at

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