Roanoke Sound!

A safe and perfect area for your aquatic activities!

Information about Roanoke Sound

Roanoke sound is located in the Outer Banks between the Nags Head and Wanchese islands. This estuary like many others helps keep the erosion of the surrounding beaches down! Its large sandbars block large waves and the Roanoke's beautiful marshes shelter oysters and clams and act as a home for young fish. Flounders, rays, and the endangered green sea turtle also inhabit the area. The estuary also filters and cleans our water by having plants, animals, bacteria, and algae clean the water as it passes through!

The Roanoke sound feeds into the Atlantic Ocean through the Oregon Inlet and shares boundaries with the Croatan, Pamlico, and Albemarie sound.

Threats to the Roanoke Sound

Toxic chemical runoffs can be extremely damaging to the estuaries, when storm drains pick up and carry pollutants into the rivers that feed into the sound they can poison the fish, plants, birds, and other animals that live in the water. Sewage pipes that carry human waste can overflow which causes the contaminated water to enter the sound which carries disease and bacteria. Trash and discarded materials such has plastic bags or soda cans can cause death when a animal consumes them because they cannot be broken down.