Issues War Veterans Face

Issues War Veterans Face After they return from the War

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My name is Jeremiah and this flyer is for a school project to inform people about the issues war veterans face. Scan this QR code to access my online flyer and links.
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What are the issues war veterans face?

Veterans that come back from the war can have trouble with things like

  • Income
  • Health Services
  • Jobs
  • Homes

The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

“Over 300,000 Veterans are homeless or they are waiting for health care from the VA’s or Veterans Affairs’’ (Carson). The Veterans affairs are not doing enough to help the homeless veterans. Issues war veterans face are problems with financial and metal health issues.

The DMVA or “The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs” is an organization that helps veterans and provide health care. “ A grant of up to $50,000 was available to statewide charitable organizations having 501 non-profit status and a mission to serve veterans to co-sponsor a veterans Appreciation Day symposium with the DMVA’’(Harrisburg) . The DMVA has been doing a lot of work for helping the veterans that have served and the DMVA should be noticed for what they have done.

  • The DMVA has been granting applications making organizations to help veterans. “DMVA received 13 county directors of veterans Affairs grant applications totaling $204,454’’ (Harrisburg)”.

Organizations and therapy centers are all over the world to help war veterans with health care and getting jobs they need.

Veterans can go to memorial places so they can pay their respects to their fallen soldiers. “Bureau of land management and the bureau of reclamation will join the national park Veterans can go to memorial places so they can pay their respects to their fallen soldiers. service for the ‘Weekend of Unity, Hope and Healing’” (Areas to waive Entrance fees).The VA’s or Veterans Affairs is one of the most popular organizations trying to help homeless veterans.