All About Me

Ashlynne Amundson


  • volleyball
  • gymnastics
  • drawing
  • baking
  • playing with animals

Work Cited

gymnastics 1-


  • gymnastics
  • camping
  • dodge ball
  • swimming
  • drawing

school subject strengths

  • Math
  • science
  • social studies


  • working in groups
  • getting paid a lot
  • being creatitve

three ways i am smart

three ways I'm smart-

picture smart- These learners tend to think in pictures and enjoy creating visual images

body smart- These learners express themselves through movement

people smart-These learners are able to relate to and understand others

Learning style

In general I learn by doing

In math I learn by seeing math problems

my social learning style is learning with others

My holland code

My Holland code is- Artistic, social and enterprising

My three career clusters

  • Arts/Audio video
  • Education and training
  • Government and public administration

Job i researched

Fashion designer-

I need to take Art and clothing design in high school

salary- $34,110-$126,290