2nd & 3rd Grade

March 21-25

Holy Week

This is the most important week for us. This whole week should be solemn. I will ask the classes to sacrifice loud talking upstairs at lunch time and make it a prayerful meal.

This week on Thursday we will have a Passover / Seder Meal to discuss what certain foods were eaten during Jesus' time and what they symbolize. But no School Mass on that day.

On Good Friday the 7th & 8th graders will re-enact the Stations of Cross for the children.

Math will continue with Customary Measurement and Length. Please keep drilling Math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I informed that students that once a Chapter is done does not mean we will not revisit the skills anymore, so once in a while I send Homework that seems repetitious.

We continue with our Read aloud The Trumpet of the Swan. The children are so eager to hear the end and are anticipating watching the DVD. Unfortunately we cannot finish the book till after Easter. But it is something to look forward to.

Talking about Reading! How are those pledges coming along? Has your child collected a lot of pledges? We will have our read-in on April 6 when we return. And once again Mrs. Nolting and I have agreed to half day reading in English and half day reading in Spanish.

Our 3rd Graders have finished the Volume 1 of their Social Studies and we will continue with Volume 2 when we return from our Easter break.

2nd Grade will stay with the same book all year.

Report Cards should be going home on Wednesday. Be looking for it in the communication envelopes.

Dates to keep in mind:

Friday; March 25 Noon Dismissal

7th & 8th Grade Living Stations of the Cross

Easter Break March 26 - April 3

Monday; April 4 Return to school

Wednesday; April 6 Read in - for Readathon

Wednesday; April 13 Noon Dismissal- Professional Development Day

Have a spiritual filled week and see you after the break.