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TOKYO - Nikon Corporation launched its most powerful entry-level DX-format digital SLR camera today, the Nikon D3200, a model that combines the best of Nikon digital imaging technology with unprecedented ease of use. The camera possesses a brand new CMOS image sensor with an effective pixel count of 24.2-million pixels, Nikon's high-end EXPEED 3 image-processing engine and a revamped Guide mode function for simple and intuitive operation

Nikon D3200 Launched

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D3200 Highlights The D3200 is an extremely portable, compact and lightweight entry-level model loaded with the latest digital SLR camera functions, and offers superior usability.

Features in Action

The D3200 is an extremely portable, compact and lightweight entry-level model

Greatly Enhanced Guide Mode

Building upon the popular Guide mode, the D3200's version is even more intuitive and makes camera operations easier than ever. Referencing instructions for shooting according to the situation, scene or subject, playing back and retouching images, as well as applying all types of settings are all available with a touch of a button.

Additional Assist Images and Text Explanations

With even more assist images now built into the D3200 and text explanations of scene details and how to adjust camera settings, users can preview picture-perfect results even before pressing the shutter release button.

Guide mode makes it fun and easy for users to capture beautiful images based on a variety of specific situations, such as Night portrait or Close-ups, or a technique they would like to apply, such asSoften backgrounds or Show water flowing.

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All - New Options - Advanced Operation

Advanced operation is one of the first choices available to users when Guide mode is activated. New options include:Capture reds in sunsets - the camera adjusts white balance; Take bright photos and Take dark (low key) photos -the camera adjusts exposure; and Reduce blur - auto ISO sensitivity control is activated.

With these new options built into the D3200, users can more effectively capture beautiful photos, quickly learn various camera functions and achieve the results they desire at their own pace.

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