Catcher in the Rye

Web Quest by: Vanessa, Jocelyn, and Manny

Historical Context

In the novel The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger, We concluded that the post war area influnced the novel in the sence that Holden showed early signs of the counter culture that were being adapted during world war 2 and the early cold war due to the fact that many kids were left alone to do what Holden does that interprets their own view of adult life

1.How was the critical reception of the novel illustrative of the time period?

The critical reception of the time period by reviewers believe that the type of teenager Holden is someone that teens can look up to because it shows how hopeful and true someshould should remain to themselves. While others believe that the novel sends out a bad message because of the things that Holden does for his age like drinking and smoking.

2.What pressures specific to the time period influenced Holden? How were people supposed to ect?

Everything that holden is around in allowes him to do what he wanted to do like drink, take girls out on dates and even pay for a hooker. His grandma wound send him money about three times a year so it was easy for him to have free money. He was always saying he was loaded with money which allowed him to be able to do everything the people around him would do like drink and smoke.

3. Explain the growth of consumer culture in the post war era. How is this reflected in the novel?

People in the post war era would want to buy many things that started to come out, especially consumer goods that would come out on tv. In the novel it is reflected that it was easier for people to spend money and goods were cheaper like when he paid for the hooker.

4. What, if any, support would have helped Holden to become a well-adjusted teen?

Holden would have been a normal teen if he would have had his parents and brother, to help guide him along in life and make good life descisions. Allie's death made a huge impact on his life because he was very important to him.

5. How do you think the Cold War influenced Holden's culture? Focus on people, events, ideology, places, etc. Think about: Which countries were involved in the Cold War? What were they fighting/angry about?

The Cold War influenced Holdens culture beceause during the Cold War era many people believed that there were Russian spies in America witch would cause Holden to believe that everyone was a phoney. Countires that were involved in the Cold War include Russia and America, They were fighting for the of government that would be spread across the world Russia wanted to spread Communism.

6.How did the House Un-American Activities Commission influence everyday life for American citizens? (Meaning, what did they do that affected regular people’s lives?)

the house on un-American Activities Commision was created to investigate any cases that would cause a theat to the american government witch intially would lead to the government invading the privacy of many americans to insure there were not any spies trying to spread communisim witch could have cause many americans to be paranoid and always on high end due to the fact they thought the government may be watching them.

7.Identify at least 5 ways WWII impacted American culture. What happened as a result of the war?

1. kids were sent to boarding schools and left alone due to the war
2. women were providing for the family
3. men were being sent off to war to fight for their land leaving family alone
4.rationing took place witch caused families to give up goods such as foods witch have them less in order to support the troops
5. many women were employed creating war time materials witch raised the economy

8.Is Holden an early example of the "Counter-Culture Cycle"? Why/why not?

Holden is an early example of the counter culuture because he is showing the signs that most kids show now, he shows little intrest in many things and lacks respect to the adult life-style.


1.) What are two ways that post war era influenced teen’s behavior?

2.) What did Holden do that classified him as a teen of the counter-culture?

3.) Did the 50’s have anything to do with the way Holden viewed the adult life?

4.) True or false Holden is the sign of the counter culture of the 50’s?

5.) If Holden were born in the 2000’s would he be the same ?

6.) why was Holden kicked out of his school?

7.) who was America at war with during world war 2?

8.) who was Americas biggest threat during the cold war?

9.) were kids allowed to smoke during the 50's

10.) true or false Holden alone and alienated himself ?