A Fair Game for all...!

... where science meets DATA!

Just like how C/C++ has become indispensable among programmers community and Javascript among web developers community, R Programming is becoming a must-have among Data Analysts/Consultants.

Do more than just drag-n-drop and dusting the data surface! Dig deep to mine info-gems! Try your luck to see what you could find!

Date and Venue~

25-Apr-2014 (Tentative; whole day; Priority for client work); Raheja Towers, Chennai

Event Format~

  • Open for All. R scripts are easy - Programming knowledge is essential but not mandatory
  • Googling skills - a must!
  • 2 (max) in a team... Lone wolfs are allowed but should take all the beating!
  • Pick a *cool* team name and register by 07-Apr-2014
  • Questions, containing data, will depict Real scenarios
  • Learn/Practice R on datacamp.com or other sites
  • R Basics session will be held on 11-Apr-2014 (Tentative)
  • Evaluation criteria will be announced during the contest
  • Prizes for the top 2 teams
Balachandran Siddharthan | +91-9443001566 | bsiddharthan@visualbis.com

Priya Sridhar | +91-8056027749 | psridhar@visualbis.com