November Newsletter

Written by Mrs. Ashli Smith's 4th Graders

Upcoming Events at QR!

Hi Parents! We filled the Quail Tower to the line! We get to wear SLIPPERS on November 17th! Students are encouraged to wear their regular shoes for recess and specials but can wear their slippers any other time! Tell your kids to wear slippers!

And now, FFFF is December 4th Make sure you remind your kids to bring a healthy snack! Last but not least, SwimNight is on November 20th, kids under 5 years of age are FREE, and Parents are also FREE! Cost is $5 per student.

By: Jake, Elaina and Albert

Academic Successes!

Social Studies

In social studies we are starting to learn about the Southeast Region. We're also learning about government and civics. For example, the constitution, congress branches and the Presidents.

By; Jackson, Keat and Xavier


We finished Unit 2 two weeks ago. We are in Unit 3 and learning about division with remainders. In math, we use Front Row Ed, we can do it at home, and know the log in!

By: Kaylee ,Ruby and Ethan

ELA and Writing

We are reading the book "Turtle In Paradise", the book won a Newbery Award. Now we just finished our realistic fiction writing. Next, we are starting our opinion essays and we have to write 3 reasons and 3 pieces of evidence for each reason. We haven't decided on our topics for our essays, but will be brainstorming them shortly!

By: Kinsey, Nate and Shelby


In art we are working on making 3D shapes. We made 3D buildings, and we had instructions to draw a city but then we got to add our own touch. Next we made blocks that are actually 3D and made of paper. Once we made a simple block then we got to add our own finishing touches to the shape.

By: Braden, Xander and Naomi


In music, we are learning about the piano. The two black keys to the left is middle c, the 1 chord, the 4 chord and the 5 chord are the most important. We work on iPads, and do music apps like, Tocaband, Falling Stars, Monkey Drum and many others. These apps help us learn the tune of instruments. Learning the tune of instruments in very important because when you get older, believe it or not, music is in your life everyday!

By: Ava, Katherine and Johnnie


Technology wise, there is a lot of stuff like the SeeSaw App. SeeSaw is an App. on the iPad where we can upload our projects, and view at home. Another app we use is called Blackboard. Blackboard is a website where Mrs. Smith can assign us games, videos and assignments.

Our favorite website is, where we can play math games like Beach Rush and Ping Pong the Panda. One other website is MegaMath. They both make math fun, and we can practice our multiplication and division facts.

By: Brooks, Blake and Shanae'

Don't forget about homework!

Everyone should read for 30 minutes every night, unless there in Math or other homework assigned! Homework is due the very next day!

By: Gordon, Mallory and Gretchen