Wonder Shirt

By: Forever Alone Co.

Through wonder shirt you can create and design your own shirt and customize it the way you want it. No rules and no limits! This is for everyone so have fun creating your own shirt ! Easy and fast !


One shirt costs $10

Five shirts cost $40

Styles of Shirt

Pick the color you want

Design then download it !

here are some :

What it does

The new Wonder Shirt gives you the ability to change what your shirt looks like without changing it. You can make it Batman, Superman, Gucci, Aeropostale, or anything else you can think of. It can have short sleeves, long sleeves, or you can even make it a sweatshirt. For those girls out there you can make it a dress! All you have to do is download the design from what ever website you would like and then transfer it to the shirt.

How does it get cleaned?

Don't put it in the washer all you have to do is download the cleaner from any website where they sell it and BAM! it's clean. You can even make it smell however you want it to smell.

Do NOT wear if:

> unsure about it

> doesn't trust Forever Alone Co.

Side Effects

  • Speaking a Different Language
  • increase your IQ
  • makes you feel more confident
  • makes you look good
  • teach you to became creative