Water has changed!

Ways water is different from 2000 years ago

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Water is more accessible.

Today there are easier ways to get water instead of walking miles on end to get water from a stream. Today we have stores that sell filtered water, some people live less than a kilometer away from a these stores. There is also water in our taps at home making water more accessible.
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Clean Water.

We have made some improvements in the way we use water. We have filters for our water, before the water had a higher risk for getting people sick, but now we have a lower chance to catch sickness from the water system.
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Water in pipes are harmful?!

The use of pipes is an easy way for water to travel from place to place, but what you don't think about is that there is a lot of water in those pipes taking away water from streams and lakes (etc.) It's not a problem as of now, but if we keep going the way we are by adding multiple pipes, it will eventually dry out lakes streams (etc.)
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How the first nations used the water.

The First Nations used the water with respect, trying not to waste a drop. I personally think it was a good idea so that you wont use up more water than you need, they also used it for crops and feeding there live stock.
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Acid rain.

Acid rain happens when green house gases get into the atmosphere and mix with the clouds, the chemicals mix with the water in the clouds, this could be avoided if we stop using factory's (which is basically never going to happen) and polluting our water supplies. Acid rain is really dangerous for plants and water sources.
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Water has been used in many different ways...

Water has been used in many different ways, but there is one thing water will never stop doing and that's watering plants. In the olden day's the European settlers started growing tobacco plants, then started moving on to tomato's and other foods alike. Now we are growing thousand of fruits and vegetables.

Water has changed Conclusion.

As you can see, after reading this photo essay water has changed in many ways. For example, what plants we grow, how accessible it is and how clean it is. My final thought is that the way we use water has changed for the better, with the exception of a few things, like acid rain and water pollution. Water usage has come a long way since 2000 years ago.