Mecca, Saudi Arabia

By Jacob Wescott

Location of Mecca

Mecca is located in the west of Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red Sea. It is in the sandy and slender valley of Wadi. It has an elevation of nine hundred and nine feet which is two hundred and seventy seven meters.

Map of Saudi Arabia

The sacred place of Mecca

Describing Mecca

It has a mosque called Ka'ba built by Abraham. It was built around a black stone. Only Muslims are permitted to enter. It is the birthplace of the prophet, Muhammad. In Ka'ba is where all Muslims offer their prayers. Each year, more than thousands of Muslims gather in a pilgrimage.

History of Mecca

Ka'ba has been reconstructed seven times. The black stone is broken. Ka'ba was built by, Abraham, and his son, Ishmael. It is said the black rock fell from Heaven. The Ka'ba was built over 1400 years ago. Another name for it is Bait ul Haram it means the honorable house.

The Sacredness of Mecca

The Ka'ba is sacred because it is believed that God protected it from the reins of tyrants. It is also the birthplace of the prophet, Muhammad. Muslims say it is the House of God. Say the black rock is black because of Adam's sins. It was built by one of the prophets Abraham.