Roland Dale McDougal III

Is a great man

About Me

God fearimg


intellegent african american male

Caring love my family and beyonc'e

Very athletic

Dunks on Zach howard all the time then cross up darian on the way to hoop when im dunking on Zach.

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This is my favorite player in the entire world he is the secound best player in the NBA but to be honest i think he is the best in the entire game of basketball.
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The are my favorite shoes that are KD's my favorite players and these are special to me because its was the first sho my momevery bought.
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My hobbies

-playing basketball with the fam.

-Making people laugh when hanging out with the fam or freinds.

-playing with my little brother Elijah is a hobbies

-Being around people

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My insperation

Kevin Durant is my motavatiopn to keep doing good and be just like him bring my mom to every single basketball game and how well in life he is doing i want to be successfull like him.
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Thunderstruck is one of my faorite movie because it is has my favorite player Kevin Durant in it and it was kind of cool to see my farvorite player act in a movie for the first time i wacth it every time before i go to bed
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Houston, Texas

This place inpacted my life because it is were I am from my blood and were i belong my dad and my granny and aunty live there, and Houston Texas will always be in my heart.