After Testing . . .

May 6, 2015 - BEST District of the EVSC

Once Standardized Testing Ends. . .

Time to exhale - testing has concluded (or soon will be) for another school year! With a little more than two weeks left, planning meaningful activities that engage students is stressful. We want the end of the school year to go as smoothly as possible, so why not try out Smarty Pins or Real World Math?
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Smarty Pins

From Think With Google comes Smarty Pins. Smarty Pins is a game based on Google Maps. Users are given a trivia question that they must solve in a specified time limit. Once they submit their answer (as a Smart Pin on a Google Map), they are deducted miles for their answer's distance from the correct location. Once they run out of miles, the game is over. Check it out! (Note: Teachers in the EVSC, you will have to input your first.last and your email password to override the block. Even though you might only be able to display Smarty Pins on your desktop/Promethean Board, you could easily adapt this, i.e. create teams of students who work collaboratively to find answers with their student devices.)
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Real World Math

Real World Math is a set of math activities designed around Google Earth. There are over 30 activities, tutorials, and videos available to engage students. For example, have students try to measure the diameters of crop circles. (Google Earth Download)

Fun Ways Days to Celebrate in May! (via TCEA)

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Daniel Watson, eLearning Coach for the BEST District of the EVSC

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