By Julia, Shawn, Jayden, and Avery

Turbofan Engines

The intake fans suck air into a turbofan engine by a large intake fan. Some air is pushed through the combustion chamber, but most goes through the air goes through the rear.There, it mixes with the exhaust and creates the engine's thurst.

The Dreamliner

This boeing 787 is a dream! It can fly from NYC to London and back again, non-stop! This airline's unique LED lighting, seats, and much more make it modern. It also has low pressure reduce the chance of motion sickness. Scientists think it is way to heavy, it weighs as much as 29 elephants!

Some Images On Planes

"Runway 4 Cleared For Takeoff."

Tragedies/Accidents Cause

Activation accident happens because lightning causes electrical failure. Despite it's nightlights, fuel tanks and pipes, and the sun can cause blindness; and because of terrorists and pilots falling asleep, then hitting the wrong button, and having medical problems. Here are some tragedy examples. 9/11 and the Hudson river water landing due to geese.

Turbulence, Speed, And Size

Turbulence. Filler of barf bags and creator of discomfort and fear. It is caused by wind, thunderstorms, jet stream, proximity to mountains, and other factors. Speed. One of the fastest planes in the world is the Boeing 747, it can go 614 mph! The average speed is 324 mph. And finally, the size. The airbus A380 is the biggest plane in the world. It can hold up to 840 travelers at once.