Kobie Booker


Auschwitz was a concentration camp used during World War 2. The camp was used for many different reasons but mostly for the Jews. The Jews at Auschwitz were killed, tortured, used for experiments, worked as slaves and did many others things just because the German thought that they weren't the perfect race.

Auschwitz is made up of 2 different camps, Auschwitz I, and Birkenau. Birkenau was the camp that did most of the killing by gassing and burning the Jews in the crematoriums and the so called shower rooms even though both Auschwitz and Birkenau had many deaths.

Auschwitz was located in Oswiecim, Poland. Oświęcim's is a old town located East of the sola. This is where Auschwitz's camps were located all near each other in the same area

Auschwitz was made because Adolf hitler a German soldier leader thought that there was one perfect race. If you were not in that perfect race and weren't a German then you would be put into a camp. Adolf Hitler didn't like Jews at all so those were the main prisoners int he camps.