Ms. Sizemore's Class News

November 17, 2015

Upcoming Events

  • IDES Thanksgiving Food Drive ends Wednesday, Nov. 18.
  • Wednesday, November 18: School-wide Holiday Meal ($5.00 for guests.)
  • Wednesday, November 18: Science Night at Hillcrest 6:00 to 7:30
  • Thursday, November 19: Health Fair; Ms. Sizemore gone in the morning for training.
  • Friday, November 20: Poetry Cafe at 2:30
  • Tuesday, November 24: Field Trip to Pack Library
  • Wednesday, Nov. 25- Friday, Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Holiday (No school for students.)
  • Thursday, December 10: Field Trip to Nutcracker Performance
  • Thursday, December 17: School-wide Holiday Program
  • Ms. Sizemore gone December 7-December 11 and January 4-January 7

Dissecting Owl Pellets

Here is a video of an adorable owl chick producing an owl pellet.

At first, the kids went, "Aah!" and then they went, "Ooh!".

Book Fair

It is time for our winter holiday book fair , and we need volunteers to help run our fair. We need parents to assist students with finding prices on books, putting books back in the right spot, helping at the cash register, etc.

Our book fair runs Monday, December 7 through Friday, December 11th. We also need volunteers to help set up the fair Friday, December 4th starting at 1:30 and packing up the fair on December 11th starting at 3:00. Email of call 350-6804 if you would like to volunteer an hour or two of your time. The very start of the school day and the end of the day are usually the busiest and when we need volunteers the most.

Thank you!

Ms. Crystal

Hour of Code

All Dickson students will be participating in Hour of Code, which is global event that reaches tens of millions of students. Our Hour of Code will be December 11 from 8:15 to 9:15. We would love to have some volunteers. Even if you cannot come during our time, you can volunteer to help in another classroom. Just contact Jesse Emry at Here is a link about Hour of Code.

Poetry Cafe

We are starting our third week of Poetry Cafe and the kids are loving it. I have greatly enjoyed seeing the students take more risks. Join us any Friday that you can. Even if you can only come the last few minutes, please drop in. We usually have enough time for encore performances.

Save the date for Camp Greenville!

The third-grade field trip to Camp Greenville will be April 14 - April 15. The trip will be about $100.00 per student. There will be a parent meeting after the Winter Break, but wanted you to get it on your calendar.

Become a Holiday Sponsor

Please consider sponsoring a Dickson child this holiday season to provide a special gift for them to open. Knowing their child's wish is covered may help put parents at ease, without further stretching their budget. Please contact Kelly MacMillan ( or 828 545-7844) to express interest. Your help is truly appreciated.

Hip Hop Dance

In P.E, we have been learning about hip hop; breakdancing to be exact. It is also be called b-boying, b-girling and breaking. The 4 main parts of breaking are top rock, drop, footwork, and freeze. We’ve learned about top rock, drop and footwork. Today, we learned the six step, which is a training method to help you with your footwork. We are doing this with Mr. Joe because he knows how to breakdance and knows a lot about hip hop. So that’s what we’ve been working on in P.E. and we still have three more weeks. It has been lots of fun!

By Garrison Hunt

(Garrison asked Temoc to pose for this picture because he is a "natural-born breakdancer".)

Big image

Looking for Heather Nagle?

If you are looking for Heather Nagle (Hadley's mom), here is her email address. Her school email is listed in the parent directory, but sometimes messages do not clear the filter.

Classroom Parents for PTO

The PTO would like each class to have designated classroom parents, to share and disseminate PTO news. If you are willing to do this, please let me know. I do not think there is a whole lot of work involved with this job.


  • Thanks to John (Ella's dad) for mounting our old-school pencil sharpener. The kids love it because it actually works.
  • Thanks to Henry's family for providing snack this week.