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Choosing Face to Face or Virtual

All parents should have received an email from the Superintendent to select their option for the next six weeks of school. Parents will have from Monday, September 21 through Friday, September 25 to make a selection through the HISD Parent Portal. It is important to know that if you do not select an option it will automatically revert to face to face as your selection. I know there are still many unanswered questions that we may not be able to answer by your selection deadline. I have however created a google survey for you to share your questions and I will do my best to track down some answers. I will remain transparent with you as I learn information. The net of it is, the next phase of planning hinges on the number of students that are in-person or virtual. We honestly can not plan without that information. I know that this is a lot to wrap your minds around as you make this decision. We are here to support! Don't go this alone! Even if there are no definite answers to some things, it does help to talk things through. I am here if you need me.

What we Know/Don't Know

Some of this maybe information that you already know, but I wanted to share some points to know or consider as you make your selection:

  • When you make your selection for the next 6 weeks it can not be changed until the selection window opens again. It has not been communicated when the window reopens
  • If you do not select an option by the deadline, your child will automatically be enrolled for in-person learning for planning purposes. I am not aware that you will be able to change that selection if it defaults
  • All classrooms will be measured for social distancing. The district facilities team will be coming to our building to measure classrooms to space desk 6 feet apart. At least 1/2 of the furniture will be removed from classrooms and stored in other parts of the building
  • Masks will be worn by both students and adults
  • Each classroom will have hand sanitizer stations installed.
  • Throughout the building social distancing floor stickers and wall signs will be posted
  • It is still unclear who will be teaching virtual students
  • Depending on the numbers of those selecting in-person instruction, we may have to switch students around. We will do everything we can to prioritize keeping students with the same teacher, but you should aware of this possibility.
  • Breakfast and lunch will likely be done in the classrooms
  • Our wonderful PTO is sponsoring converting our water fountains to bottle fillers to reduce contact
  • Cleaning will be constant
  • Transportation is currently being prioritized for homeless and special education students. The district will evaluate if they can expand transportation to other students once there is a full picture of needs

Classroom outlined for social distancing

Below is a picture of a classroom that has been outlined for social distancing. The number of desk you see is the total number in the room. I know you are thinking the same thing I am thinking. If there are only 11 desk and 22 students in this classroom sign up for in-person instruction, what will that look like? The answer is unclear. This is where the numbers come into planning.
Big picture

E.O. Lovett Elementary Fine Arts Magnet 2016 National Blue Ribbon School

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