The Rule of Thoughts

By: James Dashner


The rule of thoughts is an action- packed science fiction book. Michael, the main character, is a dashing, audacious, dynamite coder capable of overcoming even the all- feared tangent, Kane... hopefully. If you are looking for a good book, this is your page- turner.


Let's get to the facts. We all know reading is important, so we're going to read at least a little in our lives. Why not read the best? Over all, the rule of thoughts is rated over 4 and a half stars!

Meeting Sarah

Although the whole book is exciting, my favorite part was when he met Sarah in the real real world. Michael has so much to say, yet didn't know how to say it. shortly after, they heard a crash. The two of them dashed in to see what was wrong. Sarah's parents were not there. droplets if blood were visible, but not enough to confirm their death. Although neither of them admitted it, they knew what was behind this. Kaine. Sarah's parents disappearance gave them a new motive for finding Kaine.

Will he survive?


Even the Kirkus review says that this is a great sequel that is just as if not more action pact than the first book, the eye of minds. They agree that this agood book for all people. There isn't too much violence to where people have horrible nightmares, but the rule of thoughts has just the right amount of violence to keep the reader engaged and wanting to turn the page and read more and more.

Current spot

Right now, I'm at the end of the book. After receiving a device that was supposed to be able to destroy Kaine and all of his auras, Michael is on a mission to do that exact thing. He drifts off into the Sleep in the coffin with one thing on his mind; Kaine. He and his friends- Sarah and Bryson, reach the building. The virus bomb is placed and explodes. Isn't he supposed to be lifted into the wage by now? By now, police are swarming the building and capture him. Being dragged to jail, he wishes that he could be lifted. This was getting too real. In jail, he has two visitors who tell him the impossible; he went into the sleep, Kaine knocked him out and lifted him to the wake, and he blew up the building in real life and destroyed the VNS. Although all has gone bad, he still has a spark of hope.