Prince Edward Island

The Endless White Sand Beaches

What it's like in Prince Edward Island

Ever wondered what it was like somewhere else besides where you are, such as Middletown? Well today you will learn what its like in Prince Edward Island! There are over 800 beaches! Another cool thing is that there are so many light houses in Prince Edward Island. Think about having like 5 light houses on one beach, crazy right?! There are so many reefs and sandbars too.

Jacques Cartier

In 1534 a young man discovered this beautiful island; Jacques Cartier. As up top, Prince Edward Island was originally named St. John's Island, but it is now known as Prince Edward Island.

Past Changes in Prince Edward Island

The province joined Confederation on July 1, 1873.

The province was originally known as St. John's Island, it was renamed Prince Edward Island in 1799.

What the Island is known for

Prince Edward island is known for:

- The provincial flower is the Lady's Slipper.

- The provincial bird is the Blue Jay.

- The provincial tree is the Red Oak.

Food Types They Have

They were known a lot for there Maple Syrup, as you can see. Another thing is that they sold a lot of potatoes. Heres something crazy, Prince Edward Island didn't start selling beer or soda in cans until 2008. Prince Edward island has a lot seafood and a lot farming crops.


Prince Edward island is very unpopulated, it is not as big as Ontario or Manitoba. The population of Prince Edward Island is only 145,211 people, compared to Ontario there population is 13.6 million, and then theres Manitoba 1.272 million people. So compared to one of the provinces, it very small.

The Flag

Royal Warrant of King Edward VII, May 30, 1905, assigned the arms and banner
Act of Legislature assented to March 24, 1964.

My Opinion

I feel Prince Edward Island is the best island in the world! I'd really like to visit Prince Edward Island in real life! Especially because of the beaches. They have a lot of seafood which is my favorite. There spectacular White sand!