How to Protect Your Identity

How Can You Protect Your Identity?

What is Identity Theft?
- Identity theft is when someone tries or does steal your identity and uses it for selfish uses such as financial gain.
- Many people, especially in today's society, will try to steal your identity just to get money for themselves and even try to put you in debt.
- It is a very serious offense and if caught, you WILL end up in jail for a very long time!

How do I Keep my Identity Safe?
- Preventing your identity from being stolen is a very smart thing to do.
- People will do anything to figure out credit card/ social security numbers.
- If someone has the last four digits of your social security number, all they need is where you are from and what year you were born. These are the first three numbers of your social security number.

What do I do if my Identity IS Stolen?
- If your identity is stolen, however, you need to contact your bank and cancel all your credit cards until the culprit is caught.
- Immediately call the police afterwards and file a report on the offense.

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By: Reese Kerby