March @bvnlibrary

Snow Days AND Spring Break!?!

So even though the first day of the month was a SNOW DAY...

we still had a slammer month! We had a great time celebrating Read Aloud Day with our Focus students, and we finished up the Junior research project with Mr. Wood's and Mr. Taylor's classes. Dystopian book talks with the sophomores and 3D printing lessons with Mr. Hintz's Marketing classes and Dr. Cowan's Pre-Cal classes also rounded out the month. Read on to find out more!


Dystopian Book Talks

Students in Mrs. Moran's and Mrs. Weir's Honors Sophomore ELA classes chose dystopian books to read for independent reading projects. We did a bunch of booktalks to get students interested using book trailers and some games that we've made about the books. Students requested titles through ILL and exhausted most of what we hold in our collection! They will use these books during 4th quarter to create a podcast and coverflip.

Book Trailers

Students in Mrs. Worthington's ELA 10 classes worked with our practicum student, Ms. Edwards from BVH, on book trailers about their independent reading books. Students used MovieMaker to create their videos and also produced a coverflip for their book. Coverflip addresses the author's gender by redesigning the cover as if the author was the opposite gender. Once the projects were completed, we hosted a screening in the PAC, complete with a red carpet, a photo booth, popcorn, and awards!

Trigonometry in 3D

As students in Dr. Cowan's Pre-cal classes studied the 12 basic functions we worked to incorporate writing and 3D design. Each student created a 3D model based on one of the functions. They also wrote a short paper from the function's point of view! These projects turned out so well and the students had a fun time conceptualizing with creativity in 3 dimensions. Finally, the students wrote a short reflective piece about the use of 3D software and 3D printers. We were VERY pleased with these projects!

Instructional Fair PD

Terri and Abby both presented sessions at the BVN/OTMS/LMS Instructional Fair on March 14th. Terri presented a session with 3 ELA teachers about a collaborative research game that uses claim, evidence, and analysis. This was information that they brought back from NCTE in November. Abby presented 2 sessions on Screen Capture videos. The sessions taught teachers to use to make videos for and with students. The presentation resources can be found here.

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