Minimizing Human Impact

and Maximize use of Resources

Minimizing Human Impact on the Lithosphere

  • Industries need tighter limits on pollution released
  • Adequate reclamation of area where ecosystem was damaged
  • Preventing loss of water for alternative energy resources
  • Harsher consequences against companies failing to repair the ecosystem and landscape
  • Humans themselves could determine the levels of pollutants in the atmosphere and keep it regulated while still using non-renewable resources that releases pollution.

  • In agriculture, using crop rotation will allow soil to get the nutrients back.
  • Limiting overgrazing will allow plants to grow and soil to not erode as fast.

Maximizing use of Resources

  • People can make limits on the amount of resources that they obtain so they are able to grow back and sustain it
  • By making sure areas where they grow stay unharmed so they are able to produce efficiently
  • Switching main types of energy frequently