Counselor Corner

Back to School 2020-2021

Dear Terrace Familes,

Welcome back to school!

During these unprecedented times, I am here to support the students and families of Terrace.

There is a lot of unknown and planning to be done on what my counseling program will look like this year. I hope these newsletters from me deem useful to you as we all navigate this year as this will be my means of communication for all things counselor-related (think holiday gifts help and updates to my program)

Counseling Services include:

•individual counseling*

•small group counseling

•classroom guidance lessons

•crisis intervention

•consultation with parents and teachers

•coordination with outside agencies & therapists

•referrals for community services

*Individual counseling is short-term and goal-based. I do not

provide therapeutic counseling.



Much like the school nurse, my services are available to ALL

students, not just those with an emotional disability or in a

crisis. It is my job to make sure that students are happy and

doing their best at school. This is a tall order since so many

factors go into kids doing well---their ability to focus and pay

attention, their relationships with peers and teachers, how well

they can manage their feelings and impulses, and their lives

outside of school. I address these issues using individual or

small group counseling, as well as classroom guidance lessons

and even school-wide programs like “Red Ribbon Week". I ask

kids to think of me as a coach who helps them solve their

problems. I am also an adult in the building with whom they are

never “in trouble.”


I frequently see children just once or twice, or in the classroom

setting rather than my office. Although I do often help children

with family problems and behavior at home, my primary role is

to deal with school-related problems. Sometimes an issue is

better addressed more intensively in a therapeutic setting, and

with greater direct parental involvement. Contact me if you’d

like me to recommend an outside therapist for your child.


Students come to me in a variety of ways. Usually it’s by

recommendation of the classroom teacher and/or the parent.

Sometimes they are referred by the office. Often, children will

approach me themselves and ask if they can eat lunch with me

or schedule an appointment. They may also ask their teacher or

someone in the office to give me a message.


Children frequently pop in to tell me about relatively minor or

time-limited issues. If that happens, I may not notify you unless:

a) there is a safety concern, b) your child has asked to see me

repeatedly, or c) if the worry or problem is significant (by adult

standards). I abide by confidentiality meaning unless for the reason previously stated, I will not inform teachers and parents unless when given permission. I will always ask for your written permission if I think your child would benefit from regular meetings with me, or if I

would like to recruit them as a “model” for one of my groups.

My Virtual "Office"

My website containing resources for kiddos and parents as well as my referral form.

Big picture

Guidance Lesson Topics for August

  • Introduction to the counselor
  • Coping skills (Invisible String & Circle of Control)
Big picture

Guidance Lesson Topics for September

  • Kindness + Bullying
  • Growth Mindset
  • Internet Safety (6th only)
  • S.O.S (Signs of Suicide--6th only)
  • Acknowledge, Care, Tell acronym

About Ms. Cheng

My name is Ms. Cheng and this will be my 6th year at Terrace

working with our wonderful Terrace families--my third as a

school counselor. Prior to this position, I was a classroom

teacher. I feel social emotional learning and self-regulation play

an integral role in education. This role allows me to specialize in


I have a Bachelor's in Education from UTSA and a Master's in

Educational Psychology from Texas A&M. I enjoy reading and

learning and truly consider myself a lifelong learner.

In my free time, I LOVE to travel. Unfortunately, for obvious

reasons, I was not able to travel this summer. In any normal

circumstance, I enjoy hiking, playing with my dogs, trying out

new restaurants, and attending Barre classes. Although I have

a thirst for adventure, nothing will ever beat lighting candles and

curling up with a good book before bed.