Classroom Management

with Whole Brain Teaching

Class - Yes

Attention getter: You say "class," they say "yes." Change it up with your voice, volume, or repeat to keep it interesting. They repeat however you do it! "Classity class," "yessity yes." Just remember, when you have their attention, use it! Be ready to say whatever you need to say.

Teach - OK

Reduce teacher talk, increase student engagement and comprehension: You - clap, clap, "teach!," them - clap, clap, "ok!" Give students a small amount of information or directions complete with gestures. Then you give the "teach" cue, students respond with "ok!" and turn to their neighbor and teach them what you said.

Use this opportunity to do a comprehension check. Walk around and listen in to conversations.


Make sure all students are talking: Have students decide with their partner who is a one and who is a two. Then when you do "Teach! Ok!" add "Ones tell twos..." or vice versa. This way only the ones can talk (or twos). Twos must only listen. Until you yell "Switch!" When you do this, pretend there is a giant light switch in front of you and pull it down dramatically. Students respond with "Uh oh! Switch!" and pull down their gigantic light switch. Then it is the twos turn and ones must listen.

Hands and Eyes

Focus attention on you: Save this cue for when you have something really important to say. When you say "hands and eyes!" students repeat and fold their hands and give you their eyes. They are all focused on you, ready to hear the incredibly important thing you have to say!


Focus attention on you and on a concept: Use this cue to have students copy what you do. Save it for a process, directions, or vocabulary (very useful for this!). You say "Mirror!" and hold your hands up dramatically. Students repeat and copy. Then you say what you need to and use gestures to dramatize it. Students are your mirror and copy what you say and do.