November 17th-21st Newsletter

A recap of the week and glance at what's to come!

November 10th-14th


We dug into spiders! That's right, they are creepy and crawly and turns out very fascinating. Students explored all different kinds of facts :) We explored how a spider spins his web, what the web is like and the body parts of a spider! Students made diagrams, graphic organizers, graphs and writings to breakdown their understanding.

Weekly skill: compare/contrast

Sight words: I, am, a, little, have, is


We started unit 4 and will be working on making number all the way to 20! We also did lots of graphing with the topic of spiders! Our favorite was figuring out how many kids in the class we a little afraid and freaked out by spiders and who were not afraid.

This coming week!

Thanksgiving Fun

We will be doing many hands on activities this week to show what and who we are thankful for! We will also discover the different ways to express thanks to people we love and especially God :)

Tuesday - Thursday Conferences

There will be parent- teacher conferences scheduled to discuss first trimester report cards, helpful games that you and your child can play at home and any other questions you may have.

Tuesday teacher luncheon

The school is having their annual Thanksgiving Teacher Luncheon on Tuesday. Please send your child to school with a bagged lunch, the cafeteria will not be able to provide student lunches.

Mrs. Gutweniger has organized the afternoon for your children during the luncheon. If there are any parents that are available and would like to volunteer to help Mrs. Gutweniger out and join in the fun please let me or her know!!!

Thank you all!

Thursday 12:10 Mass

This Thursday the school will be walking down to the Cathedral for Mass. It is the Solemity of St. James Cathedral. We will be leaving around 11:30am to walk down and expect to be back around 1:30pm.

Please send your child to school with a bagged lunch on Thursday as well :)

If you would like to join us for mass and we would love to have you with us! Please let me know if you could be our extra hands and eyes walking to the Cathedral.

Since we are going to the Cathedral on Thursday, we will not have a CCT scheduled time on Friday, Novemeber 21st.