Hindu Students Association

Be You. Be Hindu.

Our Mission

Austin College HSA was just recently established to meet the demands of the rising Hindu population here. We are growing every year and incorporating different ideas, so we welcome anyone who can help us out in bringing new and exciting things to our members!

Our Events from this year:

HSA Holi trip

One of our major trips was going down to Radav Madav Dham in Austin, Texas to celebrate Holi, which was a retreat that was both fun and spirtual. Not only did we celebrate Holi in a traditional Indian style with live music, but we helped provide service to the Temple by cleaning up the Holi site and cooking food for the devotees. Then, we had a great question-answer session with Swami Nikihilananda, which answered many questions that some of us with clear support form the scriptures. Chanting, praying, and singing bhajans rounded out our experience.

Come join HSA!

Experience HSA at Austin College and reconnect with your roots! Come join a group that will provide support throughout your years here at AC..Come celebrate the festivals and holidays that you'll miss away from home..and most of all, become yourself!