Professional Development

& Technology Integration with Secondary Education

The broadcast was hosted by Dr. Kuby and Dr. Vender Zanden

Dr. Kuby is a professor in Early Childhood in Literacy at University of Missouri

Dr. Vender Zanden is a professor in Literacy Education at University of Northern Iowa

They Interviewed Dr. Jen Scott Curwood at the University of Sydney Australia.

She's a professor in Senior Lecture English Education and Media Studies. Teaches Secondary English at the University of Sydney Australia.

PhD at University of Wisconsin

Was a High School English Teacher

Her research of study is "How students are engaged in technology through literacy."

Dr. Vander Zanden and Dr. Jen Scott Curwood discuss professional development and technology high school educators.

During Professional Development there is a small focus on technology.

Dr. Jen Scott Curwood main focus in her research is two questions.

How teachers could engage in professional development on the entire school year and how it shaped the beliefs of using technology in the classroom.

During her research she focused on two schools on how they use technology in the classroom.

For the first school, teacher age ranged from 20-30 and used more technology in their classroom. They used the technology on a more surface level but struggled on how it supported student learning.

For the second school, teacher age ranged from 40-50 and reluctant to use technology in classrooms. They used more caution on how and when to use technology. Only used technology in a meaningful way.

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Advise for teachers and administrations when incorportating Technology

  • Start with your ending goals when creating a unit lesson plan
  • Then work backwards with creating lessons
  • Think about what are different ways you could engage student learning with technology
  • Take some risk when using technology in the classroom
  • Reflect on what happened and how you would change and/or keep for next year
  • During the professional development, have time to play with technology. Explore what is out there and how you would use in for student learning.
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