Comparison of world religions

Hampton Warner


Historians agree that Buddhism was started in northern India by Buddha or the enlightened one. He set out to fix the suffering in the world through reaching nirvana

Buddha founded the religion

It is neither monotheistic or polytheistic because they never worshipped and gods

Some basic beliefs are that they reach happiness through disconnecting from worldly things. They reach nirvana through the eight fold path.

They are believed to have started in northern India

Buddhism has been around for about 2500 years

There is a story of a blind man and an elephant teaching about how everyone is equal and should not disagree

There are 362 billions followers of Buddhism

Buddhism was spread through a lot of support from the government and sending of missionaries to several places

They didn't have a single holy book only several holy texts

Buddhist monks were considered holy in ways and so were nuns

They worshipped inside of temples


It is a form of the religion the Arians created

It is believed that brahma the God of creation started the religion

Hinduism is polytheistic

They beloved that the soul never dies but is continually reborn. They could reach happiness through releasing their desire of earthly things

It was created in India exact location unknown

It was created about 4000 years ago and is the oldest religion known to man

Buddha was sitting in the woods and was approached by man and was being sworn at because of the peaceful look on his face and Buddha told him of the power of words

There are 820 million followers of Hinduism world wide

Hinduism was spread by merchants who had Brahmans following them who settled near civilizations spreading it through the trade system

They had several holy texts the same as Buddhism

Guru, Holy man, Brahmin priest

They would pray and worship inside of temples.


Christianity developed out of Judaism

Jesus Christ founded Christianity

Chrisitianity was monotheistic

There is only one God who watches over everything. Jesus Christ was the son of god and died for your sins.

Christianity started about 2000 years ago in Judah

The Good Samaritan is a lesson on how being kind to random people can lead to great things for you

Christianity has 2 billion followers world wide

Christianity was spread by Jewish trade lines

The Christian holy book is the Bible

Priests, ministers, monks, and nuns

The Pope is on top and they worship inside of church's