How the Islamic State is injust

ISIS, what it is

ISIS, or ISIL, or IS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq, or the Islamic State of the Levant and Iraq, or Islamic State, or Da’esh, is an extremist Islamic militant rebel group and established state within Iraq and the Levant. It was started a few years ago, and is still fighting for land today. They use religious propaganda as their recruiting tactics, and terror as a way to fight their enemies.

Who is affected by this group?

ISIS affects anyone whom they are fighting on ground level, such as Turkey and Kurdistan, and anyone within the Islamic State. Anyone who is not in allegiance to ISIS, and is not a Sunni Muslim, is treated with injustice by them. Even people of the same religion are mistreated, even massacred by ISIS.

How victims should be remembered

I believe we should build a monument displaying our thanks and our grievances towards those who are fighting this power, and those persecuted and/or put to death by this power. It should have a feel of heroism and perseverance, so that anyone observing would understand what people would go through to stop these terrorists. Nothing that goes down in history that leaves an impact of millions of lives and a scar on millions more should not go unnoticed, as a monument stands virtually eternal. It must inspire curiosity, so as not to become an interesting landmark with little meaning, but something to which children may ask what this means and why it was put there. That is why it should be there.

My hope and purpose

I hope everyone would look back and remember what their forefathers went through. I hope it inspires a feeling of triumph, as well as sorrow to remind those of the struggle. As aforementioned, children should ask parents what this means and why it was put there, so the parent, in response, gives a little history lesson, or something along those lines.