Narrative Writing

A Closer Look at Craft


Narrative writing focuses on clear events.

The writing is focused on a thesis- which is either explicit (a clear sentence in the text) or implicit (implied through the text).

The reader KNOWS what is important in the story.

Details are sensory rich.


Narrative writing starts strong and brings the reader into the story.

The scenes are arranged in logical order and work together.

Transitions make the writing flow and help the reader follow the story.

The reader can easily follow changes in the story.

Dialogue and action are used to piece ideas and main points together.

The ending pulls the story together.


Voice matches the tone of the story.

The reader can hear the author and is interested in what they say.

Word Choice

Careful consideration has been made about the verbs, nouns, and adjectives that are used.

Descriptions are clear and concise while painting a picture in a reader's mind.

Original language is used by the writer.

Sentence Style

Smooth, fluent sentences are used to tell the story.

Sentence structure varies throughout the essay.

Sometimes, authors repeat sentences for impact on readers.


Punctuation is used correctly.

Spelling is checked over and carefully constructed.