October 17, 2016

What's Happening

~Strategies to engage the brain - neumonics, movement

~I attended a workshop called "Sustaining Empathy/Why Do They Do What They Do?" One of the best workshops I've attended. I learned that Brain development in the first three years of life is the basis for ALL subsequent functioning. The brain is wired based on the patterned repetitive stimulation that occurs in our life. If that stimulation is trauma/stress - adverse childhood experiences (ACE), it affects brain development and creates emotional problems in a child's life. Support for those children will require looking through a developmental lens to see the need beneath the behavior and relationships, relationships, relationships. There is a reason our students behave the way they do.

~ HERE is a link for a one hour training on Executive Functioning for teachers needing the training. It is a great webinar with outstanding information.

~There is a website If you contact them, they will set up an account for your school. Then if there is ever a student that is in need of something, you can post it and an anonymous person will donate to fill the request.

~Happy Birthday Dave Sept. 19 John October 7 (oops a little late on those),

ARTICLE BELOW - Four Approaches to Making Content Kinesthetic (ASCD Express)
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My schedule next week:

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