Rider School of Ed Class of 2014

Join our (BRAND NEW - JUST FOR YOU) Facebook Group!

What's this all about?

It can be challenging, rewarding, overwhelming, and exciting to be a new teacher! We want to help you stay in touch with one another through your first few years of teaching, and we want to make sure that you have all of the support you need in a safe, completely judgement free space.

Without adding anything else to your already full plates...

You already know you can count on your Rider classmates and The School of Education faculty members for great advice, but now you will able to come together in a virtual space you are already using: Facebook!

This closed, private Facebook group will give you the chance to ask questions, share resources, and give and get encouragement throughout your first year of teaching.

The School of Education Faculty you know and love will join this group to provide on-the-spot mentoring!

There are lots of opportunities out there for new teachers, but none quite like this!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of questions can I ask in this Facebook group?

  • Anything! Questions about classroom management, dealing with difficult parents or students, SGOs, report cards, unit planning… You name it, we can help!

When can I join?

  • As soon as you're ready! Looking for a job? Want to share interview tips? Need interview tips? As you know, Rider offers lots of support throughout this part of the process, but why not learn from each other? This new Facebook group is for job-searchers, too!

Will this really help me -- I have a lot going on?

  • Yes! As a new teacher, there will be times when you will want to share a success story, and you won't necessarily want to do that with colleagues -- this group is for you! There will be other times when you will really need support but won't feel comfortable asking your principal or grade level team -- this will also be a great place to start.

Can people outside of the Facebook group see what I share?

  • No. The group will be closed, and the intention is that what goes on inside the group stays inside the group. It's important to remember to always respect the confidentiality of children and colleagues, but we are here to support one another.

Please send all other questions to Professor Jenny Rich (rich@rider.edu).

Rider School of Ed Class of 2014 Facebook Group

Remember, the more people who join, the more successful we will be!

We hope that you all are a part of this exciting project -- it's going to be wonderful with your participation!

Please send all questions and ideas to Professor Rich.

The Possibilities are Endless...

Your Facebook Group will grow with you:

  • Share favorite teacher websites and blogs
  • Brainstorm lesson plans
  • Link to great Pintrest or teacherspayteachers.com finds
  • Discuss educational programs you are using
  • Post favorite read alouds
  • Ask questions