October Update and Recognition

for the team "Charmed I'm Sure"

Important news from around the Nest

Please, Please, Please watch the training videos so you can navigate around our new system. If you have not logged into the new system yet you can access it by following the directions on this link by Carla New:


do not delete all your cookies only the ones from Origami Owl.

Once in the new system you will find the training webinars in the bottom right corner of your opening screen.

Please welcome our latest stars – the new Bracelets, Over-the-Heart Chains and Link Lockets! These adorable pieces will be available for sale at midnight EST this Friday, Nov. 8. If you’re on the east coast, you’ll be able to get these items at the start of Saturday. If you’re out west, that’s 9 p.m. PST on Friday. Customers also will be able to order them directly from our site at that time.

his week we have a few oh-so-important updates for you. Read on to find out a few things you need to know about your O2 business.

{You Need to Read This}
In case you missed it, please read this recap from last week for a little tour of the new O2 Lounge. We know there may be a bit of confusion about where everything is, so for all the details, please familiarize yourself by reading this quick summary.

The blogs currently aren’t posting in chronological order, but we’re aware this is an issue and are working to get this fixed. Please know we’ll have this fixed as soon as possible to make sure everything is easy and simple for you. You can always find the three most recent blogs on the right hand side of the webpage, under “O2 Lounge Blogs.”

All About O2 Lounge

Thanks for bearing with us as we fix any issues and build you an amazing Back Office!

{This Week’s Commission Payments}

With our transition to PayQuicker, we have a few important updates about commissions. As usual, weekly commissions will be paid on Friday, but your commissions may be split into two payments:

  • Commissions from Oct. 28-31 will be paid via direct deposit or check, depending on what you’re signed up for.
  • For commissions from Nov. 1-2, commissions will be paid via PayQuicker.
Don’t be alarmed if you receive your commission and it’s not in the full amount as you’ll receive the second half through PayQuicker. As an added bonus, you can now preview commission payments in the back office on Thursdays. Simply go to “Commission Summary” under the reporting tab, and it’s all there. Sweet!

{Why You Need to Use the New Back Office}

The new Back Office is amazing. There are lots of new features, it has a beautiful interface and we worked months testing it to ensure it has everything you need. But we’ve heard that some Designers are still using the old Back Office to place orders, make updates, etc. Any orders or changes made to the old Back Office since Nov. 1 will not transfer over to the new system. So, please use the new Back Office for all your business needs. Try it. We know you’ll like it much better.

{What to Do if You Need Help}
We’ve heard that some Designers are using the email zoyto@origamiowl.com for help with the Back Office. Unfortunately, this is not the correct email address. Please report any issues via the contact form on our website or by calling Designer Care, and we’ll be happy to help!

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Designer Recognition and Promotions

Biggest Month EVER

Amy Russell added Jennifer Gibson from Wilmington, North Carolina to her team in October.

Total team Volume:

Top Five in personal volume:
Stephanie Sprague $1,766.30
LeeAnne Back $1,132.26
Carrie Jadwin $851.73
Heather Weaver $733.81
Jennifer Gibson $717.90

Top Team Volume:
Nancy Shipley $1,667.04
Amy Russell $1,417.32
Carrie Jadwin $1,163.28

Promotions: WOO HOO!!!!!! LOOK AT YOU
Stephanie Sprague to Senior Team Leader
Nancy Shipley to Team Leader
Amy Russell to Leading Designer
Carrie Jadwin to Leading Designer